Andy Stephen - SKU Cloud - Catalyst EU - 16 May 2017

Andy Stephen

A founding member of SKU Cloud, Andy helped develop the business from an unknown shopping service to the UK’s leading marketplace ecosystem.

With a Philosophy degree from the University of Nottingham and a background in business development, Andy managed the growth of SKU Cloud’s integrated Seller community (including brands such as HMV and Ebuyer) and now focuses on launching online shopping propositions with SKU Cloud’s leading Destination Partners (such as The Mirror).

Launched in 2011, SKU Cloud is Europe’s largest marketplace ecosystem; offering an automated platform to connect Seller Partners with Destination Partners, who are looking to integrate a native online shopping proposition into their website, app or platform.

In a completely unique approach to the marketplace, SKU Cloud enables Seller Partners to sell their inventory on multiple Destination Partner channels, providing access to the millions of potential customers for free.

For Destination Partners, SKU Cloud powers integrated white-labelled online shopping propositions for any existing website, platform or app. Allowing Destination’s to natively sell any of SKU Cloud’s 54 million retail products directly to their own audience.
After five years in the industry, SKU Cloud also offers actionable industry data to both buyer and seller sides of the business. Providing valuable customer insight, to revolutionise the way that over 1,500 online businesses are doing e-commerce.